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The Last Embrace

The Last Embrace

By darknesscomes52

*This is the full song lyrics* Light a match, watch it burn, see these letters light up before me. Now you’ll run, take your leave, leave her now in disbelief. Now you’ll see that this is the last, time I’ll feel the grasp, of your cold hands running down my back. Standing there you will see, there’s nothing left for me, everyday I’ve tried, but you’ve opened up my eyes. You were the last one to ever love me, you were the last one to ever see me smile. The darkness of the night, I ran into the blight, trying to find you, I know I’ll make it through without you.Still I’m waiting for you to come back, all I see is theblack inside your heart, come heal these deepened scars. What else can I do but love you? Lying here with unending bliss, haunted by that last kiss, why don’t we run into the night? I’ll hold you close,I’ll hold you tight. But never let go of what we had, our undying love is all that will last. ---100% full rights to buyer---
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 September 30, 2010

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